Under the moon

Under the moon


I will wait for you under the blue moon
Across the river, by the bridge in the yellow flowers field
Hope you will follow soon
To be comfort under my shield

This lovely place is hiding from every fears
Only to be found with sun in the soul
There will be dried all our tears
And nobody will us control


Under the shining moon, we watch the stars
Looking for the one of ours
Not to be disturbed by any bars
And limited hours


The pretty place not famous and not big
His beauties with incredible charm
Without bad things and sick
And any harm


Under the protect moon we are sitting hand in hand
Listen to the song of the universe
Our toes digging the warm sand
We are one and hearing the verse


This secret place created by our thought
Decorated with our desire
Build up without a fault
Protected by a gentle wire


Under the yellow moon we saying yes to our emotions
Do not hesitate confessing truth
And not care about regulations
The right of true youth


No space in the secret place available for guilty conscience
To think what could happen tomorrow
To be happy and proud of patience
Waiting for the sunrise excluding sorrow


Under the tender moon we enjoy together
Understand and like the secret secrets
Connected by a strong tether
As perfect as it gets


The perfect place for a perfect love
Maybe only in our mind
Nowhere and nobody has to approve
All without us are blind


Under the knowing moon we look in our eyes
Explore the depth of the soul
Neither doubts nor lies
Two sides of the pole


This hidden place we call our own
Has no time and no age
There we are always alone
Nobody will find the gage


Under the lonely moon, we leave our place
Return to reality
But soon we entre again our base
Only you and me




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