Love and ….



What is Love?

Define Love



Love is an emotional relationship between two

Only two?

or more People

Caused by biological malfunction of hormone.

Come on what a crazy thought

This biochemical offered material is irritating different organs inside a human body

Mostly effected is the stomach, the lungs, the muscle, the heart, the skin and last but not least the brain?

Hey. Love is not a disease

The usually reported syndrome are an unspecified prickle in the
belly, which leads to anorexia.

Stop this nonsense

Followed by breathing trouble as a kind of pulmonary disease

You are a doctor.

Very often underestimated is the uncontrollable twitch of muscle
groups. Close to parkinson anomalies. The palpitation influence in a negative way the blond circulation resulting in an undersupply in the skin and the brain. The skin problems create no serious trouble for     the body.
Only sweat outbreak and wrong perception of hot and cold.
The undersupply of blood in the brain could be dangerous.
Effect  could be disorientation, loss of reality
up to living no longer in reality

You would explain what Love is and write a medical handbook

Every syndromes are well known by other diseases and can be
treated. Many different medicaments are available

Now it is enough

The basic cause is untreatable
It is part of the human evolution

Aha. Starting with medicine now followed by biology

The concept of the survive of the fittest for mankind

Darwin I guess

Every creature of the nature found his niche


They all getting specialist

No. This is definitely wrong, not all are specialist. Some are
experts and some you can find everywhere. Like…

The human being way was different

They go the way to be generalist. However, this means that the grown up and education time get longer and longer.

What message is this?

The effort

Effort? This is not an effort to have Kids. It is nice and gratifying

was higher. A lot of animal take care of their youth.

Yes, that is correct

Nevertheless, only for are very limited time and not with his
own life. Their strategy is to have new offspring if something

Also not 100% true. There are animals who die for their

young also

For humans with in average only one child at the same time it was
Therefore, evolution developed the love conceptions.

Love concept? Now it will be strange

Mainly the love between mother and child.
To take care about a very long time without a winning situation
for the mother.

So so. Start asking all mothers of the world.
They will give you answer

Not so Important but also helpful is the Love from father to Child.   Create safety situation and beat dangerous attacks

Oh.  Man are helpful. Well. Sometimes

Mankind could survive this way. Not to have many youth but
bring them up and educate them.

Okay. This is the only one I can agree

As a side effect, the love between adults was in place.

Side effect? Where do you come from? You forgot the Love to your Nation. The Love for your leaders. The Love for the religions.

But this was not an evolution step forward

In contrary. Not the best gene was assembled but the most love.

At least one Statement that is true.

This is an evolution dead end. No benefit to bring the mankind forward.

No. Mankind already rules the world without this theory

In addition, evolution is doing the best to improve the continues
development. Partnerships are restricted of grown up time.

To know statistic does not mean they represent truth

Gene analyzation before produce child. Up to gene design in laboratory.

Well. Heard about it.

Replacing the love concept between adults by maximize of
own passion.
But this an additional report


What is hate

Define hate



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