The Princess, the Witch and the Wizard


The Princess, the Witch and the Wizard


Hello my friends.

It is nice to see you again. I’ve just came back from a long journey and I have some new tales with me. As I promised, this time it will be with a princess.

A romantic story will be told.

Young Lady are you here?

Good to see you again.

Am I right? Chloe?

I think you will like this story

So let us start. Just as usual…

Once upon a time
There was a kingdom. It was never the largest at this time nor the richest.
It did not try to influence the other kingdoms or to look for more and more power.
It was only a small country with a pleasant population. They were preoccupied with their daily business and tried to increase their happiness.
Of course, there was a castle too with a fair King and Queen who ruled their land in a very wise way. The Royal pair had a son, handsome, strong, intelligent and brave. Moreover, he married the most beautiful woman at this time. With coal colored hair, deep brown eyes and delicate shape.  How they got to be familiar is another story. The Prince and….
(a rumor is heard from the back)


You have a question?


Oh, you know the story how they fell in love?
My dear. Where does your Knowledge come from?
Yes, if you like you can present this true story later
I want to tell you what happens next with the young pair.

The prince and the princess had two children.
The grew up nicely in a protected environment.
They were clever, smart and as good-looking as their parents.
These were good times. In the land, the Court and in the family
Everybody thought this would stay forever.

A wise old man was living at king’s court also. He was a wizard. He went along with the princess since her birth. He was her Mentor an advisor…and  also her best Friend. She could not think to spend her life without him. He was part of her family.

Times went on.

But then one day. The Family was sitting together as usual. Talking and playing. And suddenly a scream is heard.

„WHO am I“?

This cry was coming from the princess.
Everybody was staring at her. She stared into the distance. Again

„WHO am I“?
What has happened?

Since some weeks, a black thought appears in her otherwise light and carefree life.
It was a very small thought at the beginning. Therefore, she decided to ignore it. However, this thought like a cancer, grew.
Took more and more room in her head and alarmed her.
“I am happy. I live a perfect life.  I am married with my true love. I have the best children thinkable. What is happening to me? “
She was pensively the whole day and the complete night. Nobody remarked this. She continued playing her role.
But not everybody remained  unaware. No. The wizard took more and more attention to her

“Is this all?  “

Her thoughts were circulating.

“Is this all?  I must be more. I know I should not be so selfish. I have everything I need, I want, and I like.

Why do I dream that I can fly over the clouds?
Why do I feel the grass under my toes when I run through unknown land?
Why do I believe I can talk with animals when I want to do this?
Why do I think that I must know much more about the world?
Why do I not trust that I am a princess but… what else?
What is wrong with me?
What is wrong with my life?

Who am I “

A lot of tears came out of her eyes
The wizard came close to her, embraced her, took her by the hand and lead her out
Her family was dazzled about the situation but they knew and trusted the wizard .

Both entered a room where the princess continued her cry and repeated

“Who am I?”

The wizard only noted this but said not a word
After a while, she calmed down
With a sight she stopped crying and gave the wizard a little smile.

“Princess. I would like to tell you a story”

He began with his soft voice

“Some years ago. Oh, it must be more than 30 years, I had a good friend. She was living in a small house in a big forest. Far away from here. She lived there alone. I think I was her only friend. Nevertheless, she was a nice and beautiful Lady. But what I forgot to tell you is that she was a witch. You know what witch is? I never told you but maybe you heard something. It is always told that a witch is either bad or good.  A witch is like a normal woman. At least most of the time. Better educated and of course with some additional skills. If they are making good things, they make them very good and if they make bad things this makes them very bad. If they Love and if they hate they do it with intensity of Emotion.

They like to play based on their own rules.

This means they are different.  People do not like different people. That is the reason you find a witch always alone. Due to the fact they were distressed when they grew up they do not rely on people. However, I am a wizard and she has confidence in me.

Time was passing by. Then, one day, I was just coming back from a long journey. I found her standing at my door. In her arm she was holding a bundle of fabric.  This fabric was moving and some noises were heard.

Take it. She shouted at me. Take it.
What shall a take I replied.
Take this Baby. Bring it away.

This Baby? I was more than confused. This Baby? Where does it come from? I got angry. You have stolen it. You know, sometimes witches are doing that. From whom you have robed it. I was full of anger.

No. Now her voice start to be soft and quiet
No. It is my Baby.
I was shocked. You have a Baby. But when and who…?
That is not of interest, she replied.
It is my Baby but I cannot keep her. Yes, it is a girl.
You do no love her? My anger was gone but replaced by sadness.

I Love her ! and she started crying. More than my life. However, if she stays with me she will be lonesome for the rest of her life. She is a witch too, you know.  I will spare her. Once more, she presented the Little Girl to me. Please take her.

Give her a better life then I could give her.
Hesitatingly I took it.

Well during my Last journey I visited a kingdom. The Royal pair wished to have a child. However, they could not have any. This was a wizard’s doing, bring together. With heavy heart I promised to try it.

She nodded and vanished. I never saw her again.

What shall I say? The King and the Queen were so happy and they never asked where was the Baby coming from. She was always their own child.

I also stayed in the kingdom to watch over…
This, my little, was the story I wanted to tell you“

With open eyes she looked at the wizard

„This Baby. I was, Am I this Baby? “

The wizard nodded


„ This means I am a witch and not a Princess.  This is why I have these dreams. This is how I feel so different.  This is why I do not know WHO I Am? “

The wizard moves slowly his head up and down.

„ Yes this is your Story and you are both. A Princess and a witch. Moreover, you have to decide which way you will follow. I cannot give you any advice anymore. I gave you shelter the past year, now you have to go alone“

„I understand. “ She gives him answer with tears in her eyes
„ But let me ask a last question. You are my father? “

The Princess took the wizard by the hand and led him back to her family.

Yes my Friends. I am sorry to say that. Here the Story ends.  I visited many libraries at different ages. Nothing to be found. Only our own phantasy.


However, my Friends, by chance I detected in very old library, in the darkest and dustiest shell a kind of diary or maybe a legacy.

It is about the princess and maybe written by her. I guess you would like to hear it. but then again maybe you are bored.

…hey don’t say that…we are not bored. who said we are bored maybe upset that you tell the story too slow. Can we hear the rest please…please. All the kids started to fuss and beg like on command.

okey, okey come closer and listen to what I have discovered …

I am back …was saying. Oh, I was never away. I do not hear „ Who am I „anymore. Now I Know WHO I am.  First, I am the mother of my kids and I will never leave them. Second, I am the wife of my beloved husband and third I am a Princess. In some years, I will be the Queen and rule my people. I will take care of their safety and health. Maybe I was born as a witch. However, I grew up and was educated as a princess.  This is my life. This is my destiny. This is my fulfillment. I will continue this way. My fatherly friend the wizard also left this castle. Nobody knows where he is now. He told me my history and where I come from. Since I no longer need his advice, he left. I miss him ,but I have my own life and do not need him. He recognized this too when I told him my decision.

I am the Princess. This is my way. Moreover, I am happy

You see my friends a very short story
And they all lived happily even after.
Everybody is happy, or?


Noooo, what is this, complained the kids?… Princess could not have said this.

When I read this the first time in was relieved. Happy end.
Then I analyzed it more. It was like an official Statement. This is how the world had to go on.
This is was what people were expecting. This is how people were educated and taught
Therefore, I dug deeper in the dusty shelf with hope that I find more. Again, I was lucky
A handwritten document. Appeared to be written some years later then the official one I had guessed. Must have been written by  the Princess as well.

My Kids are nearly grown up. I am so proud of them. The last years I have not seen them very often. They went their own way. They have been  educated as  Prince and Princess too. Alternatively, they spend their time with her Friends. The wizard was seen again sometimes.  He didn’t come to visit me but maybe because he is afraid that the Kids of a witch would be witch and wizard too. Moreover, he has taken care of them. Cause I am not able to do this?

And my beloved husband. Yes, I still like him. Soon He will be King of the Country and I am only his wife. He is travelling through our country and prepare himself to rule. There is less time available. However, I understand. They Intend to make me also Queen. What Do I have to do? Only to be his wife? Doing small talk and be pretty. What about my Dream? My children will have their own Kids. Then it is my job to take care of them? This will be my Future. Grandmother. Wife at the side of the King. Country mother. But I never forgot the voice in my mind. WHO am I? I am a witch. . I am Independent – I am not a role – I am not an actor I am a Performer a Designer … A witch.

Friends. You can understand how surprised I was when I compared the two documents and detected the time stamp. Both were written at the Same Time. Therefore, I assumed the Princess was not able to deny the witch part Inside her soul. It is still present. She wrote at the same time as it is and as it will be. This an additional Skill of a witch. To See the Future.  And she looked into her own.

But what is now the real Story of our Princess .I promised I will find it out but now I can show you only these imaginations. I believe this is Part of witch’s secrets. To give fog all around .

Now I was highly motivated. To look behind the scene. To find the true Story. I know this would not be easy. A witch keeps her secrets and nobody can find them out. However, our Princess was not educated as a witch. So maybe there is a chance to detect more.

And yes. After a Long search and disappointment I found a third Document. Not written by the Princess but by the wizard.

She decided to continue her life as before. Even though she knew where she came from and what her destiny was. Then my Job is done and I will go. If she had really found her way
 well I have my doubts about this. I will settle down not far away, but far enough to be not recognized anymore and close enough to observe her. She is not educated and doesn’t know the power she has.

And I was right. After some weeks of leisure, the first rumor comes up. Eerie things are happening in the Forest. Thunderstorms shooting only in a small area while the Sun is shining everywhere else but there. Snow coming down even if the sun is burning from the sky. Heavy Wind blowing through the trees but no leaves were moving or falling  down to the ground. Unknown noises coming out from the Forest. Screeching and high tones. Then firelights can be seen in areas where nobody lives. Moreover, shadows on brighten days. The quality of milk is going down and the price of beer is rising. And this is how people think. When they detected one Mystery, everything must be related. Moreover, I found out that the Princess left the Castle. Only for one day or two and she did not tell anybody where she was going.

However, I knew and I went away.

When I arrived at my target point, I was already awaited

She was standing at the Front of an old House. A Long forgotten witch house. The House was in a good condition. The one reason is that witch houses never decay and the other reason was that she worked on it.


„You had a long time to come „ I was received with these words

„I always knew that you didn’t leave. You observed me from the very first day. Like a father who you maybe are. Why have you done this to me? Why“

„What have I Done „I replied even I already knew the answer

„To bring me from my mother to my nice parents. Where I had a happy childhood and now a beautiful family. I was never sad in my life and never alone. You have done the best what could happen to me. Nevertheless, it was wrong“

„What was wrong „I answered

„ I was supposed to be raised by my real mother or by another witch. Alternatively, even better by you. Why did you give me away? Now I’ve learned too late what I am and will remain a prisoner between the two worlds. I saw my future and could not accept. I saw another Future and could not agree. Whatever I will do, it will be wrong. Moreover, it is your fault. Do not get me wrong. You would make me happy. But it works in contrary. When I am at home I would like to be here. When I am here I would like to be there. When I am here, I miss my Family.  When I am at home I miss this life.  I am fragmented „She cried  and came in to my arms. Tears rained down her cheeks and asked me to hold her tight“

„Please hold me like I would be a young girl and would be looking for shelter. You have always comfort me and always have been by my side. Why have you never told me…? “

Silently I held her in my arms. I could not speak a Word. What I have done was the best I could do. It was not my decision to take her away from her mother. And other witches do not like foreign people in their Houses.  To stay with me?  Maybe I should have done this. However, it is too late now.

„ We will find a way“ I whispered in her ears. „ To bring these two worlds together. I will teach you everything I know about your Second World. I know. Maybe I should have done it before. But it is never too late. You should stay with your Family. At least they need you. Then and only could be that we start to search for your mother. To finish your Education. Listen. Every witch sends her daughters away. And the task of the daughter is to find her own way and come back“

„But …“

„ I Know. Your mother was never good in timing. To give you to me was too early. But this is the witches’ way“

„ And my father? I asked you before“

„Well my little one. I Do Not know who your father is. Your mother only knows this“

„ Now let’s make a Plan to bring happiness back to you „

She agreed with me and we set together to find a way

Then something unexpected happened and we had to….

Sorry, my friends I did not find more. I think there is more written down, but not possible to be discovered any more. We have to leave it to our own imagination how their lives continued.

Oh, I See it is late. Especially for you Chloe
I wish you a good Night. May you will find the rest of the Story in your dreams

Who knows.


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