The told, untold story

The untold, told story


I am sitting here thinking. Long time ago I have started to work on this story.

The Earth moved billions of Miles in Space since I begun the best Story of Penguins ever written. However, I Never finished it. So many things happened, so many changes in my life and so many excuses not to write this Story. Now I am sitting here, staring at my screen and…I have no idea. My Brain is completely empty. What did I write before I gave up continuing the Story?

Long ago two penguins were standing on the edge of the great ice desert and watched the sea. They had hunted that day and were full and satisfied. The sun relented and warmed up the two friends. They were fine and they didn’t want  to exchange with anyone or any place this comfortable situation.

Suddenly. . In the distance, they heard a sound that they did not know. A strange humming filled the world. The air seemed to shake and vibrate. All animals froze and listened only to this sound. Nearer and nearer the noise was coming

 A threat to the small colony of penguins?
Our two friends prepared themselves to fight. They lined up the…

They Lined up. What? What was my idea behind? Moreover, which noise I would like to describe?

However, a Story should never start with the end but with the start.

At the South Pole area of our Planet were living two friends.  Two

Penguins. They knew each other and were friends since the day they were born. Means since they came out of their eggs.  However, this is also not correct.

Their father had the eggs on his feet and brood them. And they stood close together at this Time. In addition, as anybody can imagine, he couldn’t move too much with this Load. This was the reason that also the eggs were close. From first moment our Penguins felt alive they found out they are not alone. They felt their father and they felt each other. They enjoyed the days. Comfortable and warm inside their eggs and sheltered by their father. Moreover, when the time had come, that it was too tight inside the egg they decided to hatch at the same time.

However, what a shock. One second before it was comfortably warm and now is was brutally cold

What happened? And next thought was not go to their parents but to search for the other. To warm each other. In this way this extraordinary friendship started. A friendship for the rest of their life.

„A nice Story but maybe not 100% true “ was heard coming out of my computer.
Oh, I forgot that my creatures were talking to me.
„We are not your creatures „ I forgot also that they could read my mind too „ we are Penguins „
„And you can only write about us cause we exist“.
Okay okay I accepted it last time. Why not this time
„What is not 100% true?” I asked them “you are best friends”
“Yes” they replied “But when we left our hatched eggs our first way was to our parents. We were hungry”
This would be clear

“But then” they continued, “We found the way to us. Nevertheless, we like also the first version. Go on”

They were standing together and warming each other. Only interrupted by getting food from their Parents. And they had to eat a lot. To survive in this cold place implies not to be hungry. To have reserves and a fat layer against the cold. Their parents were very busy to bring fish and feed them. In addition, they ate and grew and started making plans.

“We have to be hunters by ourselves. As fast as possible. Our parents loose more and more of their weight only to feed us.  We have to find out where are most fishes we can catch. For us, but also for our group. Now we can see the sun every day but the elder say the night will come for a long time and it will get much colder. How can we prepare ourselves?”

They grew up faster than the other kids, which were born in the same time.
They learned to hunt earlier and easier than the rest of the gang.
They found the best hunting area that Penguins ever found. And why? Because they were a team.
Teams always act better then individuals. They learn from each other, give support …“
„We know all this “I was disturbed. „ But could you continue with the Story? “
„But this is the story „ I argued “A story about friendship. About your friendship „
„ We know. Nevertheless, is a Little bit boring. Don’t you think so?
„Boring “I replied indignantly. „ Boring? A story about friendship is boring. “
It drives me Crazy to hear this
„Come on, Calm down “He heard „ You Know that you are talking to yourself. We are only your Imagination. “

Yes, they were right. On the other hand, more precisely, I am right.  I calmed myself down.

„Writer. Let us help you “my imagination continued, „ We both were the best in our class at every lesson. We grew up together and after some years, we took over the responsibility of our flock. Now we train them how to find the best food, survive the cold and defend against our enemies like the Sea-Lion.  You See. Less words and everything is told. Now it is your turn“

Well. I have to think about this Less Words Concept. Never had this in mind.

Our two friends prepared themselves to fight. They lined up their flock and organized them into a Circle. The strongest at the perimeter and the weakest inside the circle.

This is the best way to defend against Enemy.  Do not give them a chance to identify a lonely Penguin. They were both standing in front to supervise the action and to be able to control now the situation.

In this line they were watching the noise which was getting more and more loud

This humming intensively starts to shake their feathers and they became edgy.  What is this, where does it come from?

There was nothing to see only to hear. Are we under attack they thought? An unknown Enemy.  New in this Region.  If we do not have a Strategy how can we defend ourselves.

But Stop. Far away. Close to the Horizon.  There is a blinking and lightning.  Very soon it got bigger and came closer. Their eyes spying in that direction.  Yes the noise was coming from this unknown Object   an UFO.

But even if they had sharp eyes, they could not identify.

Was it a Bird, a Swan?  However, which Bird was making such a sound?

Now they could recognize in more detail. It was only one object. A very large Bird? However, it does not move its wings up and down.  How could it fly?   It does no flap. The Wings, if they are Wings, were hard and without feathers. Instead of a beak, it had Circle in front of his Head.

However, there was no Head. It was something different. In addition, it was enormously big and it was fast. It was nearly close to their location and begun to circle.

Not only to circle but also to sink.  Therefore, more was to be seen.

The Color. Only grey all over the body and it seemed is had holes on their side. But weird holes. And inside they saw movements.

They were in shock.

Now they understood.  They heard about this from Sea birds that were resting at their place.  They shuddered.

No Chance to do anything.


The sea bird told them they always have a kind of stick. Moreover, they show with that stick at animals. Then a loud noise, like a bang and then animals start bleeding and die.

The only little chance to survive is to run away.

However, this cannot be done in this area. Maybe our two friends could do this. Nevertheless, they will never leave their group alone. They wait for the inevitable. The final count down. The inescapable

The thing was close enough to see the man.

Yes, they had sticks and yes, they pointed out to the Penguins.

The friends came close together like cuddling in the past and shut their eyes, waiting for the bang and waiting to die.

However, nothing happened. After a while, the thing vanished but came back the next days. Repeating this game.

And more. Some weeks later a swimming thing arrived at the place where they were living.  And man landed and entered the ice showing with his stick at them. However, the Penguins were relaxed. The sea birds have told a bad story about men and their sticks, but this was not true. And because so many men arrived at the Penguins’ place, the Sea Lions vanished. They didn’t have any chance to catch other animals.

The two Penguins and their group continued to live happily for the rest of their lives.

Now, you my dear reader, know what has happened.


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